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Fekr-e Bartar Legal Institute has initiated its activities as of 2013 with the purpose of legal professional advisory in the field of registering and changing companies and registering trade names and trademarks and industrial designs and inventions patents rendered to local and foreign natural and legal persons, especially focused on state of the art software technologies-dependent organizational portal and electronic services. Since the establishment, we have taken benefit from the new software development standards and methods supported by the technical team composed of a group of experienced men of law and professionals, experts and attorneys at law and have managed to succeed in several cases and continue the way as per a client satisfaction of 97%. From the very beginning and relying on knowledge, specialty and experience of our experts and lawyers, we have managed to win more than 30,000 cases based on specialty follow up and state of the art knowledge through taking benefit from state of the art knowledge and integrated smart software.

Here, a brief introduction has been given with respect to the following:

  • Institute registration particulars (members, capital and date of establishment),
  • Fields of activities,
  • Some of the clients,
  • Geographical scope of services,
  • Applicable technologies,
  • Codes of ethics,
  • Considering clients and society needs and opinions,
  • Premium features,
  • Considering increasing the employees capabilities,
  • Strategy,
  • Long- and short-term purposes,
  • Certificates and licenses,
  • Contact institute and number of personnel.


  • Institute registration particulars

Company date of establishment: 07/May/2013
Institute registered capital: Rls 10,000,000,000

  • Institute members and their designations, contribution percentages, and academic degrees:
  • Hossein Kharaghi, contribution: 50%, holder of Bachelor’s degree in the field of law from Shahid Beheshti University, managing director,
  • Parinaz Pishdadian, contribution: 50%, holder of Bachelor’s degree in the field of chemistry from Sari University, chairwoman of the board of directors,
  • Aidin Zohouri (not a partner), vice-chairman of the board of director, senior attorney-at-law, holder of master’s degree in the field of private law
  • Fields of activities
  • The fields of activities include rendering all legal services, drawing up commercial contracts, registering trade names and trademarks, company, consortium, joint venture, industrial designs, invention patent, supporting and making claims against persons misusing the registered brands, cancelling certificate with respect to trademarks registered through fraud, registering and changing companies on increasing capital, changing and appointing board members and other changes and resolutions.


  • Some of the clients

Some of the selected clients

Atiyeh Sazan Omid Nsal Emruz (Dey Insurance)

Shares transfer- approving new Articles of Association- appointing directors- determining their designations, and capital increase

Ghaem Chizar Gharzol Hasaneh

Appointing directors and inspectors- choosing paper for notices- determining their designations, and capital increase

Iranian chartered accountants institute

Appointing management council- appointing executive manager and council president- determining status and authorized signatory

Bank Tejarat

Appointing inspectors- choosing paper for notices- approving financial statement- registering brand for affiliated companies

Iranian nursery society

Appointing directors and inspectors- determining their designations and authorized signatory

Iranian arm surgeons academic society

Appointing directors and inspectors- determining their designations and authorized signatory

Dr. Sheikh osteo surgery Arta foundation

Address change- appointing board of trustees- appointing inspector- choosing paper for notices

Tehran province water and wastewater supply and treatment

Appointing directors and inspectors- determining directors designations and signatories- approving financial statement- changing subject- assigning powers of board of directors to managing director

Peyk Badpa transportation

Appointing inspectors- increasing capital- invention patent

Ranging Sofreh Iranian

Appointing inspectors- increasing capital

Daroupakhsh factories

Increasing capital through retain capital- registering brand and industrial design

Avaye Resaneh Aftab Institute

Changing address- amending subject- appointing directors- determining their designations and signatories


Amending subject

Petro Pars Employees Investment

Appointing inspectors and directors- approving financial statement

Rang Dopli Pars

Transferring shares- appointing directors an inspectors- determining their designations and signatories

Tehran Times

Approving new Articles of Association, appointing executive manager- changing subject

Industry, mine and trade cultural and media

Appointing directors- determining their designations and signatories, amending Articles of Association

Tehran industrial parks

Appointing inspectors- appointing directors- determining their designation and signatories- approving financial statement

Nashr Avaran cultural and media institute

Appointing inspectors- appointing directors- determining their designation and signatories- approving financial statement

Golan production, health and cosmetics

Increasing capital- appointing inspectors and directors- determining their designations and signatory

Anti smoking institute

Appointing directors- determining their designations and signatory

Shirin Atam

Increasing capital

Sardab Deylaman mineral water

Appointing inspector- appointing directors- approving financial statement- determining their designations and signatory

  • Geographical scope of services

Tehran, all townships and all Iranian free zones, inter alia, Kish, Gheshm, Arvand, Anzali, Aras, Chabahar, etc

  • Applicable technologies

Using smart CRM system developed by Fekr-e Barter Legal Institute’s IT team system.


Some of the clients of department of brand and industrial design


  • Codes of ethics

All our employees make their utmost efforts to comply with professional code of ethics and observe any and all personal and social ethics within the framework of punctuality, responsiveness, desirable appearance, removal of excessive formalities, and clarification on informing, honesty and trustworthiness.

  • Considering clients and society needs and opinions,

After a couple of months, the market research and studies department was established in the company, while the duty of the same includes examining criticizes and suggestions of the clients and amending and training company personnel managerial system, in addition to which, it studies the legal and registration needs and problems of Iranian and foreign nationals within the scope of IR Iran and suggests solutions for the same to the management.

  • Premium features
  • Taking benefit from more than 100 professionals, with minimum degrees of bachelor’s in the field of law and commerce are working here,
  • Hosting guests in a vast building with exclusive parking area,
  • Daily following up and informing clients cases by case expert and informing through smart CRM system from Email, SMS and automatic telephone calls.


  • Considering increasing the employees capabilities

In order to establish a refreshing environment together with professionalism and efforts, all the company personnel and managers take benefit from regular weekly training classes, which keep them updated. Additionally, these classes have had extraordinary results in the field of public relations and manner to receive the clients.

Company Slogan: Get to Register

  • Company Strategy

We have provided a peaceful environment for the clients so that after concluding the contract and completing the documents by the client, there would be no need for their repetitive presence to fulfill the cases. We try to keep our services fees standard and with respect to the tariff and focus on updating the clients knowledge and arrangements from the entrusted clients along with the technology development and making further active hosting the VIP clients, so that the clients transfer is also conducted by the institute.


  • Long- and short-term purposes
  • Establishment institute branches in Europe, China, USA and Australia, developing smart software, free advisory in Persian, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian, for which the preliminary measures have been taken.
  • Employing more than 1,000 legal and registration experts as well as more than 1,000 legal experts for free online advisory.
  • Identifying clients from the origin in a way that they do not bother to find us and we manage to identify their needs and contact them before they start looking for a legal advisor and/or a professional lawyer.
  • Hiring professional and experienced and young lawyers and experts fluent in international foreign languages up to double the current manpower.
  • Expediting the trend to process the cases until achieving the final result through taking benefit from state of the art global knowledge and technology.
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Certificates
  • License to practice from central bar of attorneys,
  • VAT obtainment certificate,
  • TUV ISO 9001 certificate,
  • Certificate of commendation of Fekr-e Bartar Institute through judiciary.


  • Contact institute and number of personnel.

Address: Fakr-e Bartar Building, No. 45, Shahid Khodami St., Tehran
Tel.: (+98 21) 43927- 42017- 42143- 42037000
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (+98 21) 89782672- 89770097

Number of company personnel is 190, including 87 office personnel and 103 legal experts.
The company building is composed of 3 floors, including a total working area of 1,500 sqm. The company has been founded by Mr. Hossein Kharaghi, enjoying 15 years of experience regarding companies’ registration.

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