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Foreign company agent is a natural or legal person, who fulfills a certain part of the main company duties based on agency contract.
Therefore, in order to register agency, there should be a contract concluded between an Iranian person and the main company.
Like foreign company branch, the activities of agency in Iran are limite to the following:

  1. Rendering foreign company goods or services after sales services,
  2. Conducting works of the contracts to be concluded by and between Iranian persons and foreign company,
  3. Examining and making basis for foreign company investment in Iran,
  4. Cooperating with Iranian technical and engineering companies to work in third countries,
  5. Increasing Islamic Republic of Iran non-oil exports,
  6. Rendering technical and engineering services and transferring knowhow and technology.
  1. Documents needed for foreign company agency registration
  2. Foreign (main) company registration certificate,
  3. Main company Articles of Association,
  4. Latest company changes (if any regarding main company),
  5. Latest company approved financial report,
  6. A contract concluded by and between Iranian person and foreign company, through which in addition to the purport of agency contract, the main company authorizes the Iranian person to register the agency in Iran.

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